“VikingLinks has been the “secret weapon” that has catapulted my business and set us FAR apart from our competition.”

Matthias Hemmerle

Co-Founder and CEO, Energize.de

Drive Your Revenue With Our SEO Services

Drive Increased Revenue through Search Results – Demonstrate Tangible Business Growth with VikingLinks’s SEO Solutions. Unite Expertise and Technology with our Tailored Approach,

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Drive Your Revenue With Our SEO Technology Services

Whether you seek to bridge gaps or discover a ready-made solution, our adaptable search engine optimization services are at your disposal. Explore further our bespoke strategies designed to attract organic search traffic and translate it into tangible revenue.

SEO Audits

An SEO audit of your website forms the cornerstone of your SEO strategy.

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SEO Strategy

Across on-page SEO, off-site SEO, and technical SEO, our managed SEO services excel.

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Enterprise SEO

Managing a large website comes with its fair share of challenges – our technology is ready for the challenge.

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Website Migration

SEO website migrations involve the meticulous process of relocating a website from one domain or platform to another while ensuring minimal disruption to search engine visibility and rankings.

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On-Site SEO Service

This practice encompasses all search enhancements directly applied to your website pages. This variant of SEO comprises refining meta tags, enhancing conversion rates, and optimising featured snippets.

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Keyword Research

Keyword research forms the core of each campaign, steering the approach for prioritising pages and distributing campaign resources.

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Also known as “off-site” SEO, this sector encompasses actions aimed at enhancing search performance that occur external to the website. Instances encompass activities such as constructing backlinks, optimising Google Business profiles, and refining app store visibility.

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Digital PR

SEO Digital PR is a strategic approach that synergizes search engine optimization (SEO) with public relations (PR) tactics to amplify online visibility and brand authority. It involves the creation and distribution of high-quality, shareable content that garners attention from both users and authoritative websites.

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Managed SEO

Across on-page SEO, off-site SEO, and technical SEO, our managed SEO services excel.

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Maximize your visibility online

Secure prominent placement for your business on reputable websites. Elevate your search engine rankings through permanent backlinks. Enhance credibility and yield enduring advantages that position you ahead of the competition.


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Marco Stuijvenberg

Founder Mobalize.nl

We rank consistently in the top 3 search results in the very competitive online appointment scheduling space.

Melle Schellekens

Co-Founder & Creative Captain thegoodroll.com

They have helped grow my business from a weed to an oak tree. We have seen a return on our investment ten times over.

Don’t miss an opportunity with our powerful SEO technology

The old manual labor days of SEO are over. We harness the power of artificial intelligence to consistently rank our clients in the top 3 search results.

Bespoke Artificial Neural Network

We use over 20 off-site and more than 40 on-site factors to analyze your current rankings and your competition.

SEO Campaigns

Increase the flow of qualified visitors searching for the most important terms related to your business. Our strategy delivers measurable results by refining every aspect affecting search engine results.

Rank Tracking & ROI

You can monitor your results 24/7 in our sophisticated rank tracking system and you always know your ROI.

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  • Artificial Neural Network Analysis
  • Daily Rank Tracking
  • On-Site Advice
  • Technical Advice
  • DFY Outreach
  • ex VAT per month
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What Sets Our SEO Agency Apart

We work shoulder-to-shoulder with you to understand your business needs and help you exceed your goals.

Artificial Neural Network

We use a bespoke artificial neural network to analyse SERPs on more than 100 SEO ranking factors.

Save Time & Costs

The days of manual SEO labor are over. We have automated all time-consuming aspects of SEO including outreach.

Return On Investment

We deliver consistently more than 100% ROI on your SEO investments.

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Harness the power of artificial intelligence to rank in top 3 search results.

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