A DTC Brand Increased Organic Revenue By Over 350% Through Authority & Digital PR

A leading direct-to-consumer brand in the Netherlands allowed us to share their story. On the condition of anonymity.

Quick Overview

20x monthly backlinks on average

85.2% Increase in referring domains

120% Increase in organic revenue

The Challenge

Breaking into a product category which has not seen innovation for at least 60 years. Although it is a fractured market, six large competitors dominate the SERPs. Or better dominated. The keywords for a one product company are very easy to identify. So we did not spend a significant amount of time analyzing search terms.

The authority and link-building strategy finished in under 2 hours.

As the Head of Marketing, Markus* knows exactly why SEO is important for their company.

* Names have been changed

`We are trying to break into an established market with a new consumer brand without large branding budgets. Not having a brand name nor having generic search term positions in the beginning. I know the key to our success is to rank on search engines as fast as possible.’ Markus explains.

Their website was securing small amounts of backlinks from reputable and but not relevant sources. Mainly business and financial news. Those backlinks were not topical enough to keep up with competitors. High-quality backlinks are one of Google’s key signals for organic search ranking.

We were producing fun viral content about our products,’ Markus explains. ‘And this content was widely shared across social media channels. The problem was, we weren’t getting much traction or high quality links back to our site.’

Markus realized that he needed to take a different approach to SEO. He needed a partner who secures high-quality, regular backlinks to their website. Without him doing all the research – and work: publishers selection, content creation and negotiation.


Head of Marketing

* Names have been changed

The Solution

A partner with in-depth SEO authority expertise. Due to the lack of internal resources, this brand wanted to find a partner who worked efficient and fast. The same way as they did. When they found us, they immediately saw the value in our approach.

As a company, VikingLinks was born out of growth hacking,’ Markus says. ‘They’ve got a history of helping brands with the automation of growth. And, how to build websites to rank better on Google. That efficient approach appealed to us.

We began working on identifying quick-win opportunities:

  • First step: revamping the homepage & content to make it more search engine friendly. 
  • Second step: neural network selection of publishers for the authority campaign.
  • Third step: build authority every month in an automated way with an approval process.

`We started as one of the first trial customers. We helped develop the approval process on the VikingLinks platform. Things were going quickly in the right direction. The publisher selection was very solid each month. Approval was smooth. Most important: we wanted to see how quickly we can move up in rankings, Markus says.

The company was one of our first test customers. They had limited marketing budgets as compared to the incumbents. Investing early in the SEO channel was a key to their future success.

They are incredibly more easy ways to buy yourself initial traction,’ he says. ‘Investing early in SEO had such a tremoundous impact on the customer aquisitoion metrics later on. That investment paid off big time when we were rasiniong a new rond of funding.

Thanks to VikingLinks, the website’s authority quickly began to improve. 

‘The best thing is that you do not have to go all in.  You pay per link and the monthly budgets are flexible. The best thing in our journey was that we could see in real time our page moving through the result pages. They know their business very well. We were publishing articles about us online at scale every month.’

The Result

20x increase in average monthly backlinks within high-authority publications. Since they began working with VikingLinks, they’ve accomplished a steady increase in links from reputable sites.

This growth contributed to visibility on page one Google search results in just under 6 months. With a new domain, new brand, new company and new website. The overall traffic share from organic search went from 5% to over 40%! Reducing the overall cost per sale metric by more than 50%. The CPA went from 16,20 euros to 7,80 euros.

I want to thank VikingLinks for convincing us to invest in the SEO journey with them. Both our companies are innovators so it was a match in heaven. They are testing this new approach to SEO and we are testing this new approach offline. We really do feel we are both onto something. They’re just really strong with data and machine learning. It sets them apart.

Markus is thrilled with the results, and with how well organic rankings have improved for especially generic search terms. They are excited to see our partnership continue to grow.


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