Reaching New Peaks In Search Engine Results To Drive 566% Enquiry Increase

Delivering on real business outcomes: We worked with this tech scale-up to rank for important search terms in 3 countries. The focus was on business outcomes. This led to a large increase in enquiries, along with a reduced cost-per-acquisition.

Quick Overview

  • 566% Increase in Enquiries
  • 82% CPA Reduction
  • 73% Conversion Rate Increase


  • No prior SEO knowledge and in-house capacity
  • Extreme ROI for company

The Challenge

Being in a niche market with a high-value deal size is tough. Competition is fierce in their niche with six direct and resourceful competitors. The scale-up was experiencing a low volume of the right people enquiring and CPA was costly.

They simply could not rank for the most relevant keywords. Despite their stellar content on their website. Our challenge was to increase enquiries by ranking the right search terms. While simultaneously bringing down the CPA.

The Approach

We published 128 high-quality articles in the United Kingdom, United States and Netherlands. During a period of four months. The publications were expert product reviews, case studies, how-to guides and interviews.

  • 20 expert product reviews
  • 26 list posts mentioning the product or company
  • 28 how-to articles about the problems the product is solving
  • 54 articles about the company itself (funding news, interviews)

Become an authority in your industry

“Since we focussed on building authority for our content we saw a dramatic increase in enquiries through our website for our enterprise software. It feels like we have all of a sudden become the go to resource for our target users.

 Scott S., Marketing Manager

The Results

Our publications resulted in an immediate improvement of their organic traffic. In under two months we ranked 3 pages on the first page of search results. The enquiries increased by 166% and CPA reduced by 56% in this month. But it didn’t stop there. Month three we saw a further 17.5% increase in enquiries and a 15.5% reduction in CPA, by moving to positions 4 and 5. In month four we ranked for top positions in two out of three countries. Even more growth with a 60% increase in enquiries and 29% reduction in CPA. Total enquiries increased by 566% and CPA reduced by 82%. Conversion rate increased by 73%. In only 4 months.


Increase in Enquiries


CPA Reduction


Conversion Rate Increase

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