Large ecommerce website operating in Germany, France, Spain and United Kingdom.

Quick Overview

  • 277.5% increase in Organic Sessions
  • 280% increase in Goal Completions
  • 12% boost in average customer lifetime value


  • Huge Ecommerce websites in 4 major European markets
  • High Competitive environment
  • Six SEO specialists on the team

The Challenge

Organic traffic growth and increase conversions from organic search.

We started to work for this top player in ecommerce january 2022. The goal was to add organic traffic and conversions to boost customer lifetime value.

Our approach: keyword research analysis of over 100.000 keywords. Followed by on-site optimisations while building authority.

This lean approach enabled us to build more than 600 high-quality backlinks in 6 months. We almost tripled traffic and conversions to over 500 product pages.

The Approach

Initial work focussed on the analysis of the all product pages. Over 100.000 products sold in 4 countries: Germany, Spain, France and the United Kingdom. SEO campaigns for large ecommerce websites often fail due to poor initial analysis.

Our first step was to analyze all product pages and identify the highest value products:

  • Product with the highest margins and decent volume (e.g. blankets)
  • Products bought in large shopping baskets (low pricepoint)
  • Short repeat purchase interval (e.g. toothpaste)

Authority Campaign

The first step resulted in under 1750 focus products. We further reduced the number of focus products in the next step. When we analyzed the competition in the SERPs, 950 products did not qualify for the campaign. Why? The investment to rank those product pages in top 3 results would lead to a pay back time of more than 12 months. We then started working on the authority for those pages. We supported technical & on-site SEO as we worked on 25 target keywords each week.

The authority campaign focussed on:

  • Information pages that linked to the various product pages (How to tackle X, Solving problem Y etc.)
  • the product pages itself
  • curated product category pages for the campaign (“Everything for X”, wishlist pages, “Must have for Y”)

Real publishers with real traffic are not keen to deep link to product pages. The solution is to create high converting gateway pages. These pages smartly combine high quality content with selected products. When you add excellent UX, multiple product pages gain significant traffic from the same organic click.

The Results


increase in organic sessions

since starting our work together in January 2022


increase in goal completions

for the selected target product groups.


boost in average CLTV

our analysis showed that we can boost CLTV by increasing 500 key products. And it worked.

“The VikingLinks team was the golden key in our SEO strategy and execution. They’ve become a true partner and an extension of our marketing team. Their team has saved us weeks of analysis while supporting us to create new authority pages. They’ve consistently provided great guidance on setting targets, communicating their progress. It is a shame they ended the campaign to further develop their product.”

Katie V.

Senior SEO Manager / SEO Lead

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