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Data Nerds & Growth Hackers

Not long ago, we were the proud owners of a data-driven growth hacking agency in Amsterdam.

We realized in 2020 that the age of data collection will quickly turn into the age of data actionability with the democratization of artificial intelligence technology.

SEO Ranking Certainty

The one area in digital marketing that has the highest impact on business results but carries the highest uncertainty? SEO.

We have created VikingLinks to make SEO ROI focussed with high predictability of results and long-term driver of business success.

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Focus On Your Organic Growth

Your rankings and organic traffic are our North Star Metric.

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Why Choose Us

We are not your usual SEO agency. We see ourselves as a technology company delivering SEO agency services at lower costs and with better results.


We offer ongoing support to all SEO-related tasks.

ROI Focussed

We are ROI focused.


We operate worldwide from our offices in Amsterdam.

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