37 Reasons to Outsource SEO

We’ve spoken with our clients and asked them why they chose to outsource SEO. We’ve compiled these 37 reasons in random order for you.

Ultimately, it all boils down to the same thing: time, expertise, and money.

Allocating your resources in the most effective way leads to the best results.

Outsourcing SEO offers much more than just improved results on Google. As an SEO agency stays updated with the latest market developments, trends are spotted earlier. This goes beyond search results and includes content trends, design developments, and sales funnel innovations.

#1 Increase Website Visitors

The primary reason our clients outsource SEO to us is to generate more traffic. Search engine optimization is a complex story that’s better left to real experts for optimal results.

#2 Define a Working SEO Strategy

Together Delegate SEO tasks to specialists who, in collaboration with your product knowledge, determine the ideal strategy. Work together to create a strategy for optimizing keywords that align with your company’s niche.

#3 Higher Revenue through More Leads or Customers

An average conversion rate leads to higher revenue when visitor numbers increase. Improved search engine positions through SEO result in more revenue.

We’ve seen our clients achieve an average revenue increase of 70%. This is just in the first year and solely through SEO.

#4 An SEO Specialist Does Much More

You’re bringing in a business partner who thinks beyond mere rankings. SEO overlaps with various aspects of online marketing. Examples include:

Conversion optimization Website UX design Google Ads

#5 Continuity in SEO

Outsourcing SEO guarantees a certain level of continuity. You’re not dependent on staff going on vacation or falling ill, assuming you can find such staff nowadays.

The significant difference between SEO and, say, Google Ads is that the investment in SEO continues to pay off. Once high in search results, it often remains that way for the long term. Unlike Google Ads, where you disappear immediately when the funding is cut off.

#6 Investments Can be Scaled Down Over Time

Once top positions are achieved, the SEO strategy shifts. The investment can often be scaled down. The growth campaign transitions to a maintenance campaign. With a smaller budget, you maintain your ranking and save budget.

This presents new opportunities. By reallocating the growth budget and finding other keywords to stay ahead of the competition.

When you outsource SEO, you have the option to temporarily scale down or pause the budget. This becomes difficult with an in-house dedicated SEO team.

When comparing SEO with Google Ads visibility, reducing or pausing the investment directly affects that visibility.

#7 Holding a Top Position Isn’t Easily Lost

Nothing happens automatically. But when you have a good ranking, you don’t lose it easily. You now have sufficient content on the website. This, combined with the right backlinks, gives your site the authority to maintain a high position.

All you need to do is monitor it. As soon as you see the competition focusing more on link building and getting closer to your position, it’s advisable to add more links before you get overtaken again. You can always ask us if we can continue to monitor this for you.

With the tools used by VikingLinks, we are constantly on top of what competitors are doing. This way, you stay ahead of the competition and maximize SEO.

#8 Visible for a Wide Range of Keywords

Smart techniques applied to search engine optimization index many more keywords. The better Google understands the content on a website, the more keywords it yields.

#9 Organic Search Results Drive the Most Traffic

The number of people using Google is enormous. In 2022, Google processed more than 100,000 searches per second. That’s over 8.5 billion daily searches. Since 2009, the average number of searches has increased by almost 10% year on year.

#10 More Clicks from SEO than Ads

In many cases, the top search results are advertisements. Google marks these as ‘Ad’. It turns out that in 60% of cases, these ‘Ads’ are skipped. Users prefer to scroll down to the first organic result. A position achievable solely through SEO.

#11 A Well-Performing Website is ‘Equity’

The position and authority of a well-performing website contribute as extra value to equity. Investing in SEO is not only about revenue. In case of selling the business, the site will be valued as equity.

#12 Focus More on Core Strengths

Companies outsourcing SEO to us can focus more on their core specialty. Let your team focus on your product and customers. Let VikingLinks focus on better search engine positions. Together, we achieve the best results.

#13 SEO Strengthens Brand Position

People associate a top position with reliability. Research shows that this works similarly to TV commercials. People increasingly know that only companies specialized in the topic, who keep their promises and have a good website, achieve a high position.

Being at the top of the Google search engine not only increases visibility but also provides a certain positive recognition.

#14 SEO Works Well Alongside Google Ads

Paid online marketing like Google Ads (Pay-Per-Click) works well alongside SEO. Our analyzed campaigns indicate that a combination of Google Ads and SEO boosts conversion. Conversely, clients who stopped SEO saw a significant decline in their Google Ads campaign.

Not only does the number of conversions increase, but there’s also a positive effect on Return on Ads Spend (ROAS). ROAS indicates how many euros are earned per invested euro. When SEO and Google Ads run side by side, ROAS improved by over 67%.

#15 SEO Agencies Stay Updated with Google Algorithm

Updates Google is increasingly rolling out algorithm updates. These changes can directly impact search results.

We’re always informed about Google algorithm updates. This is a major advantage of outsourcing SEO to VikingLinks. Our team of SEO specialists immediately tackles the challenges these updates bring. We search for opportunities and areas for improvement to achieve a positive result from the update.

With a database of over 200 past and active clients, we quickly see the consequences of an update. We compare these effects, test various solutions on different domains, and benchmark findings to propose well-grounded improvements. Search result positions remain stable, and emerging opportunities are maximized.

#16 SEO Education & Knowledge

Sharing To achieve the best results, we explain to our clients what we look at in an SEO campaign. This keeps you informed about the latest developments. We share our knowledge to achieve the best outcome together.

#17 Content Stays ‘Up to Date’

Search engines prefer fresh and up-to-date content. By outsourcing SEO, all content is regularly checked. Pages are updated where needed. This keeps the page relevant for visitors and search engines.

One of the most frustrating things I often see on a website is irrelevant content due to outdated information. An SEO agency can keep SEO content up to date with the latest developments. This is also good for conversion.

#18 Good SEO is Good Content

Ultimately, Google wants the best website for visitors to be the most found. Optimization goes hand in hand with creating good content. This generates more engagement for visitors treated to helpful text or videos.

We see that the updates Google makes to the algorithm often relate to the informational value of the content. This underscores the importance of reliable and useful information.

Working on SEO means critically reviewing the content on your website, which almost always results in improved information for visitors.

#19 Lower Costs Than Hiring In-House

The costs of hiring a complete SEO team are considerably higher than outsourcing. SEO agencies have all the required tools, connections, and knowledge available. This saves you a significant amount.

#20 Different Skills for Different

Phases In the start-up phase, it’s smart to invest in content, social media, and link building. Once you’ve generated traffic, you can scale down and focus on maintenance. You’ll also need other skills in the growth phase than you do in the maintenance phase.

#21 Constantly Changing Market

It takes a lot of time to keep up with the market. Companies that outsource their SEO to us see the benefit of regularly collaborating on the strategy. This ensures that the company’s SEO is aligned with current trends.

Being an SEO agency, you have to keep up with the latest developments. This is not only good for your clients, but it also works well for your team. The world of online marketing is versatile and never stands still.

#22 More Social Media Shares

The basis of SEO is a good website. An up-to-date website is shared more often on social media. This is the foundation. The better your foundation, the better you rank.

#23 Long-Term Focus

Search engine optimization doesn’t generate immediate results. It’s a long-term vision that requires a well-thought-out strategy. You’re playing the long game, and this mindset is essential for success.

#24 SEO Requires Multiple Tools

SEO requires different tools to measure and improve results. Many of these tools are quite expensive. Agencies already have these tools and use them daily. This saves you a significant investment.

#25 Google ‘Penalty-Proof’ SEO

Agencies are well-versed in the Google penalties. Agencies are more aware of the limits set by Google. It’s a common pitfall for websites to focus too much on quantity instead of quality. The Google penalties that ensue can be disastrous for a website.

#26 Avoiding Google Penalties

Google penalties often arise from ignorance. While it’s difficult to stay on top of everything, it’s our daily job to stay informed about Google’s rules.

#27 Avoid SEO Mistakes

Search engine optimization has been around for over 20 years now. During these years, many changes have been made. It’s not surprising that websites that have been online for many years sometimes contain errors that harm search engine positions.

With an SEO agency, you prevent SEO mistakes. These mistakes can cause your website to drop in search results or even be removed from Google altogether.

#28 Well-Coordinated SEO Team

An SEO team is composed of various experts. A single person rarely masters all aspects of SEO. By outsourcing, you have a well-coordinated team of specialists.

#29 Google’s Market Share is Enormous

A staggering 92.37% of all internet searches are conducted using Google. It’s also the most widely used browser, with an 87.35% market share.

#30 In-House SEO Requires Continuous Training

Search engine optimization is subject to rapid changes. An in-house SEO employee needs to keep learning to be up-to-date.

#31 Outsourcing for International

Focus Expanding abroad requires knowledge of the market you’re targeting. Outsourcing SEO ensures that the right keywords are used in the right language.

#32 Local SEO Focus

Local SEO requires a different strategy than targeting a global market. If your business mainly focuses on the local market, an SEO agency can help you achieve better visibility locally.

#33 Access to Specialized

SEO Talent Outsourcing allows you to tap into a vast pool of specialized SEO talent. You’re not limited to the expertise of one or two individuals.

#34 Scalability

Outsourcing SEO is scalable. You can adjust your investment based on your current needs and goals. This flexibility is beneficial for companies of all sizes.

#35 Improved User Experience

User experience is a crucial factor for both SEO and overall customer satisfaction. An SEO agency can help optimize your website for a better user experience, leading to higher conversions.

#36 Data-Driven Decisions

SEO agencies rely on data to make informed decisions. By outsourcing, you benefit from data-driven strategies and continuous optimization.

#37 Focus on Your Business

Ultimately, outsourcing SEO allows you to focus on your core business activities. You don’t have to worry about the intricacies of SEO, and you can dedicate your resources to what you do best.

These reasons showcase the various benefits of outsourcing SEO. From expertise and resources to cost savings and scalability, outsourcing can be a strategic move for businesses aiming to improve their online presence and overall growth.

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